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Working with Keywords

Finding identity within my blog has proven to be a little more difficult than I anticipated. I want to write about topics that interest me but that can span from one end of the spectrum to another and my interests are unique to me and change with the season of life that I am in at the moment.

Because of this I sat down and made a list of keywords that apply to me in the current state of being that I am in:

  1. Sports
  2. Work
  3. College
  4. Graduation
  5. Post grad life
  6. Ole Miss
  7. Atlanta Braves
  8. Home design
  9. Anxiety and dealing with it
  10. Family

With this site, especially with it being so new, I looked up some of these key words to see what others who are interested in these topics are writing about and how they approached it.

Like I said earlier, I’m adjusting to the beginning and end of seasons of life. As a current college senior, who is graduating in less than 100 days, the thought of the unknown is scary to me and fills me with anxiety. My remedy, looking at other people’s experiences in adjusting to post-grad life. I’m the oldest sibling and cousin in my family, so I don’t have someone who has recently gone through this life change and I find comfort in knowing that others have been in the same places I have been.

I found a blog from a girl named Lauren who explained how she managed navigating the adjustment.

More than just the content within her post, I wanted to analyze the way she conveyed her message and how to better my blog on similar topics in the future.

She began by asking a question that validates the emotions by people in the situation she’s writing about. Which brings reader’s in and allows them to know they aren’t the only ones that are feeling the anxiety of leaving college. As well as, breaking her writing into bullet pointed chunks that are easy to remember your place, but also digest each individual “distraction” as she calls them.

To add to the ability to digest each piece of information and visualize what she’s talking about in each part, she adds a picture at the end which adds an extra element that intrigues the readers and also continues to make the post easily readable.

These different elements that she adds to her post are things that I need to keep in mind. As they are something that allowed me to read easily, but also kept me engaged. With “post-grad life” being something on the forefront of my mind, I know those interested in this topic will appreciate the same type of content and methods of delivery.


One response to “Working with Keywords”

  1. These are fat head keywords, meaning that there will be a lot of competition over them. Consider refining them a bit to me more specific (e.g., anxiety post-grad or anxiety after graduation). You might also have corresponding long-tail keywords that are extremely specific to a particular audience, e.g., “post grad success Ole Miss” or even just “post grad Ole Miss.” Then, your post titles (aka main header) could use both for a particular post or just the fat head keyword for an evergreen post.


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